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Publications and breastfeeding aids cannot replace personal contact and professional counselling. However, they can be an excellent supplement and are often very valuable for getting an overview and good instructions, avoiding unnecessary problems and getting reinforcement and encouragement.

Lactdoc Márta Guóth-Gumberger
Program for Documentation and Weight Monitoring of Breastfed Babies

LACTDOC helps to document the individual growth curves of babies with minimal effort. After a short period of orientation, this will improve your overview of the situation and lead to more time and clarity in counseling and suggest effective measures earlier. The weight gain documentation also makes it possible to verify the effectiveness of the measures recommended. This is particularly valuable for critical cases where there is some uncertainty.
The userfriendly updated version of LACTDOC allows for entering data both in gram and pounds, in cm and inches. Enter gender, date and the corresponding weight, length and head circumference - the program LACTDOC (for Excel) automatically plots the individual growth curve into the WHO Standards. Additionally, details of breastfeeding management may be recorded in the concise table below.
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breastfeeding... Márta Guóth-Gumberger
Breastfeeding with the Supplementary Nursing System (SNS)

Parent-Info, 16 pages, 34 coloured photos, 2006

A baby who doesn't get enough milk during breastfeeding can be supplemented at the breast with the SNS. This encourages the baby to suck longer and more vigorously and enhances milk production so the baby can gain weight appropriately. Short reports of mothers will help you decide whether the SNS could be useful for you. For some breastfeeding couples/pairs the SNS is a real breakthrough. Quite a few are able to breastfeed exclusively again. Many coloured pictures and well tested instructions make using the SNS easier.
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breastfeeding adopted baby Elizabeth Hormann
Breastfeeding the Adopted Baby and Relactation

La Leche League International, 2006

A detailed description of adoptive breastfeeding - essential for all adoptive families who decide to try this out-of-the-ordinary experience. You will be guided through the process and supported in bonding and developing attachment within the adoptive family.
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Further publications are available in German. In case of interest please visit the German pages

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